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Nothing Ever Happens Here - blurb

Living in London suddenly becomes too uncomfortable for the attractive Jo Smart and her sixteen year-old son, Alex, after he is beaten up, so when they are offered the chance to take an immediate holiday in a peaceful Cornish town they jump at it. But not all is as peaceful as it seems as they become involved in a murder enquiry, drug raid and abduction.

DI Rick Whittington has also escaped from London and the reminders of the death of his wife and child, and through his investigations finds himself meeting Jo and being drawn into the events surrounding her.

This is a love story set in the early 1990s which combines the historic Cornish love of the sea and smuggling with hard faced twentieth century crime and detection. The perfect blend for a woman’s crime novel.


Review by Christine Haywood. Gunnislake

"After I finished this book I had one big question – why on earth hadn’t it been published before? I had started reading it without any expectations but soon was drawn into the lives of these ordinary people and with that empathy was right with them as things began to go horribly wrong so was hooked to the end, not wanting to put the book down and even near to tears at one point. Reading ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ by Ann Foweraker was as vivid as watching a film of the story and I think it should be made into one!"


 Review by Nicky - Plymouth

Nothing ever happens here?? Not so sure about that!

At first I confess I didn't think it would be my thing, too much of a love story was what I originally thought... but it's funny how suddenly you start to care what happens to the characters? By the time I got a third of the way through I was hooked and found it hard to put down; especially the last half which was a real cliff-hanger; I won't spoil the ending by giving away what happens. 

It was particularly interesting as I live in the area in which this is set - it was easy to visualise each part as it 'happened'.

I will definitely be looking to read another by this author.


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