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The first time it happened it felt like stumbling across another avenue to an ancient monument, but this one pulled at more than just his head, there was a tightness in his chest, the lights twinkled and flashed inside his mind, the intensity giving Perran a firework of a headache. Following the line - years later in the early nineties - leads him into Liz Hawkey’s ordered life, and together they discover the source of the line.

A story of family, love and loss, Divining the Line brings the ordinary and the extraordinary together into everyday life. 


Review by Anthea Lay - Kelly Bray 

"Divining the Line draws deep on Westcountry lore and family roots, this is a masterful first novel. Cleverly constructed, with an amazingly convincing extensive cast of characters, there is an insightful interchange of plot and sub-plot being almost imperceptibly manipulated. A sensitive portrayal of life and loves unfolds and leads inexorably towards a touching conclusion, A truly gripping read, hard to put down. Certainly one to take on holiday."


Review by Christine Haywood - Gunnislake

"With a familiar settings, both in place and in time (early 1990s) 'Divining the Line' by Ann Foweraker takes a surprisingly unusual slant on a love story.  Well, that's just it, it isn't really just a love story, but it isn't a thriller or a crime novel either, it is as difficult to pigeon-hole as it is enjoyable to read, the story flows well from Cornwall to the Home counties and back to Cornwall, weaving its unusual plotline and criss-crossing leylines on the way.

We are shown the back story as a detailed flashback and this gels quite seamlessly, giving the reader the insider knowledge which helps to unravel the entangled lives we are a part of in the main story. 

Divining the Line is an easy novel to get into, it reads well, has contemporary references that we can understand, yet is not predictable.  A good read, and I look forward to reading more novels from this author."


Review of Divining the Line by Judy Q

  A really enjoyable read and hard to put down!  The fascinating subject of divining is woven into a love story, but the author cleverly keeps you wondering as to just what is going to happen.  Ann also includes an interesting insight into the confused feelings of a person who has been adopted as a child.  The main characters convincingly play their parts in the story as they weave around moments of fear, frustration, puzzlement, sadness and excitement.


 Review by Nina Cox

DIVINING THE LINE takes us on a wonderful journey, drawing us into the fascinating subject of ley lines.  In essence a love story, but so much more  - just when you think you’ve worked out the plot, it drags us sideways and we’re off again on a different path.  Beautifully and sensitively written, it centres around spiritual Cornwall, and will touch the hearts of all that read it.  A gripping novel, and one which you won’t want to put down!                     



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